The Amhara and Oromia Proclamations broadened. 2 Export Trade Tax Incentive 148 19. Apache/2. 8/1995 (Oromia) 1. 99/2005. 2) Income Tax: Experiences show some federations allocated personal income taxes to Oromia State Tax Payer Service Delivery and Complaint Management Director Mesfin Terecha said that despite certain constraints the peoples' interest to pay tax has been increasing. Agricultural  Region (SNNPR) and Oromia region: 1. 2 Retaining Information 154 GLOSSARY OF TERMS 155 Aug 26, 2020 · In addition, the Income Tax Proclamation considers donations to CSOs by business organizations or individuals as non-deductible-expenditures. The Oromia Region (Oromo: Oromiyaa) is a regional state in Ethiopia, the homeland of the Oromo people. Read More This proclamation may be cited as the "Revised Family Code Proclamation No. 286/2002 (Article 5. Thousands of businesses remained closed Thursday in Oromia, Ethiopia's largest region,  Tax, duties and tariffs Oromia, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples ( SNNP),. Business Profit Tax. A) Proclamation No. Press release about newly proposed proclamation that regulates the special interest of Oromia region on Addis Ababa ci more than anyone else if the tax money is 3. 608/2008 or 608/2001 EC Points of interest of the Income Tax Proclamation, Regulation. taxes and other dues are exclusively levied and collected by the federal government. 587/2008 on 14 July 2008, by the merger of the Ministry of Revenue, Ethiopian Customs Authority and the Federal Inland Revenue Authority for the purpose of enhancing the mobilization of government revenues, while providing effective tax and Customs administration and sustainability in revenue Jul 21, 2017 · The revised Income Tax Proclamation, which came into effect on July 7 (the start of the fiscal year), saw tax collectors estimating the turnover of small businesses (such as roadside hairdressers and coffee vendors), with some entrepreneurs complaining that the estimates were as much as 10 times their actual daily sales figures. 40 Server at www. 74/2002. 1 Obligation to Provide Information 153 19. . pdf · Mining income tax proclamation 92-2005. Tulu Kapi: is a gold project located in Western Ethiopia in the Oromia region at 160 km West of the Petroleum Income Tax Proclamation (N°226/198620); and. The tax revenue in this year was around Birr 942 Million. ” based on annual turnover: micro (less than Br500,000, or US$17,000), small (Br500,000 to Reaching microtaxpayers in Addis Ababa Br5 million, or US$17,000 to US$178,000), In addition to ERCA’s efforts to coordinate medium (Br5 million to Br40 University College, Oromia, Nekemte Campus, Office of Research and Publication Abstract The study was designed to assess tax collection system and its challenges on category ‘C’ tax payers in Nekemte town. 1 በዚህ ወር የሚያሳውቁት ከሌለ ( ) ምልክት ያድርጉ / If the return for the period is NIL ( ) Here Jan 04, 2021 · The company earned 33. Sales register machine means a cash register machine or a point of sale machine (Income Tax Proclamation (Amendment) No 608/2008). Speech in ክፈል 2 የተጨማሪ እሴት ታክስ ስሌት / Part 2 Computation of Value Added Tax 2. for Public Purposes and Payment of Compensation proclamation No. For nine regional governments (Amhara, Afar, Oromia, Tigray, Benishangul, the base are determined by the federal government46 and the VAT proclamation whic Business Income Tax exemption in the manufacturing sector (up to six years) year if investment is in Addis Ababa and Special Zone of Oromia surrounding Addis Ababa of an existing one as defined under the Investment Proclamation. 286/2002. 4 Other Obligations Related to Customs Operations 153 19. The survey is conducted as part of the Tax Administration Component of the WBG Ethiopia Investment Climate Program. 2). ” In Similarly, [34] said that the constitution of Oromia has given constitutional status to rural local governments, whereas, urban local governments are recognized by the regional proclamation. Income Tax ProclamationProclamation No 134 2008 amended. The current tax-to-GDP ratio of about 13. (2007). Jul 01, 2017 · Under this law, Oromia will generate zero revenue from the property, sales and income taxes generated in the city. No. 916/2015 and Article 99 of the Federal Income Tax Proclamation No. Despite such proclamation the country did not practice its democratic rights for the reason that the TPLF as the head of the ruling party consolidated much of the power into it’s own hands for over 27 years. gov. 3 Foreign Exchange Permit and Franco-Valuta 151 19. 7 per cent (  15 Feb 2019 Tax revenues from mining are divided 60% to the Ministry of Finance and 40% Amendments in 2013 to the Mining Proclamation clarified that an (located in Guji Zone, Oromia region) is the only large-scale open-pit min land use payment and activities income tax amendment proclamation No. The study indicates that Oromia tax system characterized as poor tax structure that affects the tax revenue collection and its fairness. 1074-2018 Driver’s Qualification Certification License Proclamation. Hence, for instance, the revised City Proclamation of the region 116/2006 abolished all municipalities by a single proclamation. 56/2002, 70/2003, 103/2005 of Oromia Rural Lan d Use and Administration WHEREAS, Agriculture is the main source of livelihood to the majority of the population of Oromi a and proper management and utilization of land and land resources is required, in which, the present use doesn't compromise the development endeavors of the coming generation ; WHEREAS, it is found necessary to correct the distortions and miss Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. The proclamation, which provides for the establishment of microfinance institutions, was issued in July 1996. 979/2016 Federal Income Tax Proclamation. 651/2009 year 2014, of which Oromia Regional State accounted for. These regulations are issued by the council of oromia regional government administration pursuant to, article 117 of the income tax proclamation no 74/2003 of  9 Nov 2019 institutions of the Oromia regional government since the last assessment in o Proclamation No. 1 Tax on Income from Employment / Personal Income Tax Every person deriving income from employment is liable to pay tax on that Change in control provisions governing the loss carry-forward and tax liabilities of a licensee or contractor in the mining or petroleum business is provided under Articles 34 and 44 of the Income Tax Proclamation. Trends and structures of tax in Oromia Trends of tax revenue indicate the change of tax revenue during the study period. Other entities that are analogous to companies, referred to as “bodies” within the Income Tax Proclamation, are subject to corporate income tax at the same rate. 454/2005. A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE PAYMENT OF TAX ON COFFEE EXPORTED FROM ETHIOPIA . 7 million birr before tax for the 2020/2019 budget year which is an increase of 9. 24 percent of GDP from 1990 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 6. Amendment. Short Title This Regulation may be cited as the “Council of Ministers Federal Income Tax Regulation No. About OFAG; Our Vision; Our Mandate; Management Team; Org Structure; Media Income Tax Proclamation No. 1076-2018 Public Private Partnership Proclamation. 286/2002, every  2 Sep 2020 The result of the study revealed that tax evasion stemmed from lack knowledge of Tax Evasion in Bale Robe Town Administration, Oromia, Ethiopia within the time prescribed in the Federal Income Tax Proclamation no. All the Mar 06, 2015 · According to the Income Tax Proclamation No 286/2002, there are six tax bands in addition to the monthly income below the threshold. Definition Unless the context requires otherwise, in this Regulation: 23 Imposition of Rental Income Tax 1/ Rental income tax shall be imposed for each tax year at the rate or rates specified in Article 14 of this Proclamation on a person renting out a building or buildings who has taxable rental income for the year. 0. For monthly income of Birr 151 and above the marginal tax rates range from 10 per cent to 35 per cent with 7 income brackets. 51/2002. Excise tax proclamation no. 979/2016. Revised agriculture income tax and land  11 Jan 2021 After Hachalu was murdered, protests turned violent in Oromia little locally for land, labour, and water—while paying their taxes in Addis Ababa. Government Budget in Ethiopia averaged -3. Tax administration is good way as it is recent issue in our country. Oromia National Regional Government Rural Land Use Payment and Agricultural. 99/ 2005 . 99/2005 WHEREAS, it has become essential to make agricultural income tax and rural land Establishment of the Secretariat of the House of Peoples Representatives and of the House of the Federation Proclamation. 213/2000. 146/1998; - Article 12 and Article 21 of the Outgoing Heads of State and Government, Senior Government Officials, Members of Parliament and Judges Proclamation No. 286/2002 or 286/1994 EC and its amendment Income Tax (Amendment) Proclamation No. 99/ 2005. Jul 15, 2013 · In the 1990s, this proclamation was amended with modifications to the legislation regulating income tax on employment: rural land and agricultural income tax; rental income tax; taxes on business and other profits; tax on income form mining activities; capital gains tax, and taxes on other sources of income such as chance wining (which carries a tax rate of 15 per cent), royalties (with a tax rate of 5 per cent) and tax on non-resident persons offering services in Ethiopia (which carries a Proclamation No. presumptive taxation in the Ethiopian context and reflects on how efficient and In Ethiopia, according to Article 68(1) and (2) of Income Tax Proclamation-No. The National Regional Government of Oromia Bureau of Revenues Phone: 011-371-79 60 Paying tax is citizens’ P. 4 million birr compared to previous year. Tax on foreign trade is a major source of tax in Ethiopia. ofag. Modernization of tax adminstration is one the theme of ONRSRA 3 1. Definitions. It has been formed since February 2008 and is established in January 2009. Ethiopia recorded a Government Budget deficit equal to 2. Tax incentives in Ethiopia system, adopting the “Income Tax proclamation 2016” and the “Tax Administration industrial zone in Addis Ababa or certain zones of Oromia surrounding Add Custom Authority Pension Contribution Declaration Form Proclamation No. O. 2/ Subject to sub-article (3) of this Article, the rental income tax payable by a taxpayer for a tax year shall be calculated by applying the rate or rates of tax applicable to the taxpayer Jul 25, 2017 · The rationale of daily income assessment in Oromia. Aug 02, 2017 · James Otis, an early instigator of the American revolution, captured the rebellious sentiments and resentments of the colonists when he proclaimed, “Taxation without representation is tyranny. Tell me about proclamation No. 131/2007 A Proclamation to Amend Rural Land Use Payment and Agricultural Income Tax of Oromia Regional State’s Proclamation No. pdf. 203/2017 A Proclamation to decide Oromia Regional State Tax Adminisrtation WHEREAS, it is necessary to enact a separate tax admin-istration proclamation governing the administration of domestic taxes with a view to render the tax administration system more effi-cient, effective and measurable; Federal Laws Year Index Council of Minister Regulations Codes Directives CONSTITUTIONS (1931, 1955. Since then the Federal Supreme court has published 23 volumes of cassation decisions. Berhan Insurance has reported that it has earned a gross written premium of 139. income tax proclamation No 286/2002 and Addis Ababa city government machines in the capital and the rest are share out by Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, South,. According to Wikipedia, a cash register, also referred to as a ‘till’ in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, is a mechanical or electronic device for registering and calculating transactions. 1079-2018 Ethiopian Geospatial Information Agency Re-Establish the Proclamation Oromia National Regional State Revenues Authority, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. • This policy basically benefited to women because Excise Tax Proclamation No 307/2002, parks shall be entitled to an exemption of 2 years if the investment is made in Addis Ababa or special zone of Oromia, or to Income tax exemptions based on areas of investment: A foreign investor who engages in investment in the state of Gambela, Benishangul/Gumuz, Afar except in areas within 15 km right and left of the Awash river, Somali, Guji and Borena zones of the state of Oromia, south Omo zone, Kaffa zone, Sheka, Segen, Bench Maji, Sheka, Dawaro, is entitled Proclamation 116/2006 now guides the urban reform process in Oromia Regional State. 203/2009 article 9. Oromia (Bale and Arsi Zones) and some parts of. SULULTA TOWN BRANCH OF THE OROMIA REVENUE AUTHORITY Value Added Tax proclamation the following are considered as taxpayers on whom the   15 Jan 2020 The firm provides legal advice on corporate tax issues and has represented multinationals including MWH, Total and STANTEC in multimillion-  Since 1966, the land tax proclamations have made it clear that the 8 Afar; Amhara; Benishangul-Gumuz; Gambela; Harari; Oromia; Somali; Southern Nations,  31 Jan 2019 Oromia National Regional State. . Income Tax Amendment Proclamation. At the time of formation of the share company, the capital of the PE will be divided into shares with government owning 100% of the shares. The data was Skip to content. 001*), tax privilege (. The original rural land proclamation laid down the principles of landholding right of the State in light of the federal land use and administration law. 77 million ha under cultivation. 1 Investment Tax Incentives 147 19. 20 Aug 2020 (. WHEREAS, it is deemed necessary to  English (United States) · Amharic (Ethiopia) · Oromo (Ethiopia) Income tax proclamation no. Addis Ababa, Oromia, Ethiopia: Berhanena Selam Printing Press. 4. 1995) REVISED CONSTITUTIONS OF REGIONAL STATES 1987/1995 Proclamations 1988/1996 Proclamations 19… About Oromia Insurance Company Oromia Insurance Company is a share company under establishment in accordance with the licensing and supervision of Insurance Business Proclamation of Ethiopia - Proclamation no. ORDINARY ISSUE. Jul 13, 2018 · The Privatization Proclamation provides that in the process of privatization, MoPE may cause the conversion of an enterprise to a share company. tax on income (Proclamation No. Short title These regulations may be cited as the “oromia regional government income tax regulations no. The government uses a progressive employment income tax system, imposing a heavier tax burden on those employees who earn more. The law applies a progressive tax rate, except for corporate tax, which is flat 30%. Income tax proclamation no. Short title. Major Types of Taxes existing in Ethiopia 1. 048*). • Wheat and barley: Under Article 43 of Income Tax Proclamation No. 1 of 2000 of the Federal Negarit, Gazeta, shall come into force as of the 4th day Done at Addis Ababa, this 4th day of July, 2000. activity of the EHRC, which was established by proclamation in 2000, Tax on employment income used to be guided by Income Tax Proclamation. This page provides - Ethiopia Government Budget - actual values, historical data, forecast Business Income Tax exemption in the manufacturing sector (up to six years) Business Income Tax exemption with differentiation based on sub-sector and location of investment (exemption reduced by up to two years if investment is in Addis Ababa and Special Zone of Oromia Surrounding Addis Ababa). 6 Billion. 50 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product in 2019. 653/2009. " 2. Ideology and refresh this proclamation and conflict to give samples of amendment of mistreatment at the freedom. 3 The administrative reform. 14 Dec 2017 Major languages: Amharic, Oromo, Tigrinya, Somali Overtime rules are covered in Section 68 of the Proclamation and are summarised in The employment income tax that an employee has to pay amounts to a final tax on&n 30 (2003) Bibliography 352 Magalata Oromia: A proclamation to amend Oromia rural land use rent and agricultural activities income tax proclamation No. Home; About. 1) The Proclamation shall apply to residents of Ethiopia with respect to their worldwide income. Commerce and executive director of provoking clashes between donor and forced to ethiopian political prisoners. 011*), land tenure (. The survey was conducted by Department of Economics of the Addis Ababa University. The 2014 amendment to the Investment Proclamation authorizes the EIC to adjudicate appeals submitted by foreign and domestic investors. 98/ 2005". 37/2004 2. 23 Hufira added, “We basically translate [the The Addis Ababa Revenue Authority served proclamation] into Oromo and customize it to fit 340,000 taxpayers divided into four categories our regional situation. 8 million birr for the 2020/2019 budget year which is a 15% increase from the previous year. ”14 Although Regional States have the prerogative to issue their own tax laws with respect to tax sources reserved to them by the Constitution, many of the Regional States for a while used federal tax Sep 02, 2020 · Tax evasion behavior (perception) of taxpayers in this regard is determined by a host of factors such tax knowledge, education, income, peers’ or other taxpayers’ influence, ethics, legal sanction, complexity, relationship with taxation authority, perceived fairness of the tax system, ethics and attitudes towards tax compliance, awareness Overview. 410/2017”. 74-2003. VAT is the principal source of revenue for the Ethiopian government. A body is defined as company, partnership, public enterprise or public financial agency, or other body of persons whether formed in Ethiopia or elsewhere. Effective Date The Revised Family Code of 2000, as published in a separate volume appearing as Extraordinary Issue No. 21 Rural land use rent An annual rent payable on rural land used for . 74/2003 Income Tax Proclamation Oromia National Regional Government Rural Land Use Payment and Agricultural Income Tax Amendment Proclamation WHEREAS, it is deemed necessary to make the payment of agricultural income tax conducive to the development of agricultural sector of the economy and motivate farmers These regulations are issued by the council of oromia regional government administration pursuant to, article 117 of the income tax proclamation no 74/2003 of the oromia region anal government. Oromia Regional State; Somali Regional than 200,000 shoppers and visitors daily. As a developing country, the nature and type of export items are few in number and originate from specific regions. 76-2003. box 27475 Fax:011-371-78 80 right and obligation Finfine (A. 53/1993, Mining Precious Minerals Proclamation No. tax compliance cost burden and tax perceptions survey in Ethiopia. This is promulgated under federal proclamation no. constitution, to administer land and other na tural resources, to levy taxes and duties on revenue sources reserved for the states [whi ch are not many], to enact and enforce state PROCLAMATION NO. The revised constitution of Oromia regional  The corporate income tax system in Ethiopia. 1. 2. 12. 90 percent of GDP in 2000. pdf Personal income tax is payable as per Proclamation no. The Income Tax Proclamation No. 1. 18 Aug 2016 FEDERAL INCOME TAX. 30 Nov 2019 West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia As per VAT proclamation, all VAT registered tax payers give invoice to consumers, but  Owners were entitled to collect taxes or order to promote agriculture and create new tax revenues. 6/2002 In 2002 the State of Oromia issued Proclamation No. 280/2002 Re-Enactment of the Investment Proclamation WHEREAS, the encouragement and promotion of investment has become necessary so as to accelerate the economic development of the country and to improve the living standards of its people; WHEREAS, in addition to that of domestic investors, it is deemed essential to widen So an individual foreigner, who lives in Ethiopia for more than 183 days in a period of twelve calendar months, whether continuously or intermittently, is regarded as being resident for the entire tax period and is taxed in accordance with the provisions of Income Tax Proclamation No. Administration Mining Income tax Proclamation N0. 60 percent of GDP in 2003 and a record low of -8. Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State passed its first City proclamation as no. 1 Direct Taxes 1. The EPRDF was ousted after a bitter struggle by Qerroo and Qarree, a clandestine movement of Oromia in 2018. Proclamation No. v federal democratic republic of ethiopia ethiopian roads authority final envioronmental and social impact assessment of konso-yabelo road project march, 2012 public disclosure authorized e2986 4 Decisions by Cassation Bench of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia are binding on all lower courts. 1 Proclamation No. 227/2001), as well as a 5 per cent withholding tax on . Page I Proclamation No. PART 1 General 1. The problems identified were the tax collection problems related to tax office and tax payers. This Proclamation may be cited as "Oromia Regional Government. WHERb"AS, it has been determined that there shall be enacted a value-added tax to enhance saving and investment,. 86/1994. 74/ 2003 of the Oromia National Regional State is hereby amended as follows: 1) Article 2 sub- Articles 13 and  Income tax, Ethiopian Constitution, fiscal federalism, revenue assignment, 50 See, for example, Oromia Regional Government Income Tax Proclamation No. As per the Income Tax Proclamation, a person can carry a loss forward to a subsequent tax year only when said person holds more Tax administration is important activity in tax collection because it is the source of revenue for government. 131/2007 A Proclamation to Amend Rural Land Use Payment and Agricultural Income Tax of Oromia Regional State's Proclamation No. 173/1961. In effect, the proclamation turns the capital city into the Dracula that would suck any semblance of autonomy from the state and eventually any desire on the part of Oromo for genuine self-government. The urban reform process in SNNP Regional State is guided by the revised proclamation 103/2006. SECTION ONE GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. This is just to control & make SMEs learn the habit to pay tax after3 years. Create New Account. In 2004 EC the total internal revenue and tax revenue were increased to Birr 3. 3,881 likes · 13 talking about this · 131 were here. 6 Billion Payment and Agricultural Income Tax of Oromia National Regional State's Proclamation No. The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) was established by the proclamation No . 2016. 1; see also Deso Chemeda, Agricultural Income Taxation in Oromia (2008) ( issued in 1992; that proclamation has a clear provision regarding the levying and   tax. 47/75 (the Proclamation for the Nationalization of Urban Land and Extra Houses) the size of a plot for 7, Value added tax proclamation, 0, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. Oromia Regional State. However, the amount of income and the corresponding tax rate has been static for more than a decade, despite inflation. - Article 12 and, with respect to pension coverage, the provision of sub-article (1) of Article 30 of the Privatization of Public Enterprises Proclamation No. 99/1998. In 2002EC the total revenue of the region was Birr 1. Barriers to Entry Organizations that are currently registered must re-register within one year of the coming into force of the new CSO Proclamation (Article 88(3)). See more of Ethiopian Tax LAW on Facebook at BMNO Oromia President Office. • Tax policy and women: • MSEs have the priilivilege of tax exemption for the first 3 years. We have thus found that the decisions of Oromia Supreme Court Appellate Bench and the Region’s Cassation Division have fundamental errors of law in the application of Proclamation No. Mining income tax proclamation 92-2005. 2007. 6. TURNOVER TAX PROCLAMATION. 137 . This disturbs stability and exposes litigants to an unpredictable judicial system. WHEREAS, it has become essential to make agricultural income tax and rural land use payment strengthen investment work, incorporate the expanding economic activity and be in harmony with development growth; This proclamation may be cited as the "Oromia National Regional Government Revenue Bureau proclamation No. 56/2002 of “Oromia Rural land Use and Administration” which was amended by Proclamation No. 70/2003. 2q PHP/5. A Proclamation to Amend Rural Land Use Payment and Agricultural Income Tax of Oromia Regional State's. Jul 18, 2017 · The revised Income Tax Proclamation, which was drafted by the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ECRA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) came into effect as of the end of the fiscal year on July 07, 2017. 715/2011 The National Regional Government of Oromia Bureau of Revenues Private C-1 Approval Budget Amendments Creating I-35 Debt Fund, New Sales Tax  22 Feb 2018 In August protests resumed in Oromia against income tax increases and Seteny were tried under the 2009 Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP)  Income Tax Proclamation No. Mamo Mihretu, Program Manager at WBG, coordinated the overall work and program. • However each SMEs have to get tax identification number (TIN) during licensing. 045*), and compensation (. just “federal exclusive taxes” but also “concurrent taxes” and at times even “regional exclusive taxes. 130/ 2007 Proclamation to amend the proclamation No. Somali Proclamation of 2003, Commercial Registration and Business. All published decisions of the Cassation bench are made available in this website. Tax should be fair and efficient to achieve fast and sustainable economic development. These are 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% and 35%. 92/2005". 131/2007. 20 Jul 2017 By Addis Getachew. [5] Currently the state consists of 21 administrative zones . 1 Tax Incentives 147 19. The preceding section explains the trends and structures tax in Oromia. 1075-2018 Industrial Chemical Registration and Administration Proclamation. ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia. et Port 80 Investments in those areas receive tax and duty incentives as established in Proclamation 769/2012 . 979/2016. FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETTE EX. In January 2019, the Oromia Region Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission shut down three tanneries in Oromia Region for what was said to be repeated environmental pollution offenses. PROCLAMATION. The capital city of the State of Oromia is Addis Ababa also known as Finfinne [4] . Capital gains tax under Income Tax Proclamation Article 13 of the Income Tax Proclamation No. pdf · Income Tax ProclamationProclamation No 134 2008 amended. In the agricultural activities in Oromia regional state. According to this law, the first Birr 150 of monthly personal income is exempted from payment of income tax. 2 Tax Reduction or Zero Rate 150 19. 38 (Win64) OpenSSL/1. interest income (Proclamation No. directive to gather information, the oromia regional and freedom. VAT is started in our country in 2002 by proclamation 285/2002. Decree 3. Jun 10, 2016 · The 2002 Income Tax Proclamation governs income tax from employment, from rental of buildings and from business. The government also suspended the business license of MIDROC Gold Mine in May 2018 following weeks of protests by local communities who accused the 19. 227/2001). WHEREAS, consolidating the various taxes and duties levied by different Proclamations and Regulations into a single tax facilities execution; WHEREAS, converting specific rates into advalorem ensures the equability of the tax; Jul 13, 2017 · Business Profit (Schedule C) Tax Rates, Calculation, Rates and Deductions in Ethiopia Jul 13, 2017 | 0 As per income tax proclamation no 979/2016, here are the business profit tax rates in Ethiopia. Google Scholar.